Hi, my name is Chris and I'm a Mixing and Mastering Engineer, its my job to help you realise your dreams, making your music ready for the world.

I live and work in Brighton UK, out of my own studio, mixing and mastering tracks for clients from all around the world. If you use Logic or Ableton, you can simply send me the session file, the next day, I'll send you back an appraisal of your track, then we'll go from there, read on to find out more.


You upload to your sessions to Filepass   (I'll send you the specific link for your project)
• We schedule a skype/facetime chat to discuss your track and my thoughts, how much work is involved and how much it will cost.
• I'll then work on your track and have it back to you within 48hrs.
• It will be delivered via Filepass, an app which makes is super easy to comment and suggest revisions.
• Thats it! You'll have a radio ready track that you are really happy with, then you can conquer the world!


These days, with technology being what it is, it can be hard to quantify the investment of using a mix engineer and it can be easy to get acceptable results 'doing it yourself' However, there are solid reasons why investing in a mix engineer, and the process that goes with it, is a crucial part of making music and releasing it.

• Engineers work in treated rooms on trusted equipment, which means we can balance your music across mediums...
• We listen, in detail, to the minutiae of every part, of every song we work on. This gives us a wealth of knowledge on how to bring your tracks to life.
• The process of mixing and mix revisions is artistically important, having to pull apart your own work to piece it back together brings a whole new perspective to your songs.
• The clarity achieved by a mix and mastering engineer with a creative ear will make your music sound more like the music you listen to.

Please check out my recent work and if you'd like me to work with you on your project, get in touch for a quote...

Recent Work

Genevieve - Riverman
Komal - Bitter Sweet (For Chris Diffords Songbook album)
Lola - Poison
Laura - It Will Get Better
Paula Cox - Losing the Dog
Aiwan Obinyan - They Sat
Giz (Rum Com) - Slaps
J - Felix & Chris Galloway - Happiness (Soul II Soul)
Hollows - The Roughest Trade (nils Frahm) rework
Paula Cox - Gravity
Tilly Sprague - The Cave
"Chris is just a star to work with.
He got stuck in to mixing two tracks on my album with perfect results"
-Paula Cox @paulacoxmusic

Feedback Friday!

Not every musician or producer has the budget to hire an engineer to work on their music, and if that is you, I'm here to help!

Every week, I clear an hour or two out of my schedule (usually on a Friday, hence the name!) and listen to the work you send me, making comments about what you could do to make your tracks stand out more.

I've had some great people help me in my career and this is my way of 'paying it forward', so, if you feel you'd like some feedback on your music, please fill in the form below, send me links to your music and I'll email you back some tips.

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